If True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Were Gay, He’d Be a Pitcher

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Alexander Skarsgard’s True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer reveals that the actor behind Eric Northman would definitely be on the pitching side of a homosexual encounter. This priceless tidbit emerged in an interview when Moyer discussed a fun scene in Season 5 where the characters Eric and Bill Compton were stuck in a trunk together, and there was a bit of witty repartee between the pair with sexual overtones.

File:Alexander Skarsgard by David Shankbone (crop).jpgOstensibly, Skarsgard and Moyer put a lot of practice into the scene, testing out each other’s vehicles as part of the research. When it came down to the shooting, however, it was all laughs. According to the director of the episode, Dan Minahan, “In the trunk, Stephen and Alex both got really bad church giggles and couldn’t stop laughing. I wanted to cry.” It’s too bad there isn’t a blooper reel for fans to watch because it sounds like a hoot.

So, Stephen Moyer was just joking when he said, “It turns out that I’m a catcher and he’s a pitcher.” In reality, however, both actors seem to play in the heterosexual court. Stephen is married to co-star Anna Paquin with a baby on the way, and Alexander Skarsgard has been previously linked with actresses Juliette Lewis and Kate Bosworth.

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