If You Can Post About Your Cat, How About Your Book?

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So, you wrote a book you say? Well, how are your sales? What is your marketing plan for the long term sale goals of this book? Most times, we hear, “Nothing. I am published and now I am just going to wait for it to happen.” Unfortunately in today’s day and age, waiting for it to happen can mean sales suicide for said book. There are several pitfalls that authors fall in once their book is published. Let’s examine a few of these and see how just a little bit of Social Media marketing can go a long way.

1. My friends will buy my book and spread the word for me!

While this may be true for some, not all of your friends will purchase your book. Most will want a free copy that they can put on their book shelf and forget about. Unfortunately, not many of them will go above and beyond to sing the praises of your book, unless you do it first. This brings us to the power of social media. If you have a Facebook page, you are halfway there. Given all the share options on the internet these days, you would be foolish not to post, several times, about your book. This brings us to our 2nd pitfall many authors fall into.

2. If you have time to post about your cat on Facebook, Twitter or any other social outlet, you have time to post about your book!

I personally have seen this happen numerous times. Sometimes authors are super excited about their accomplishment and make a post about their newly pressed book…and that is where they stop. They get a handful of comments, respond to them and that’s it. Their wall suddenly takes on posts about their cat or getting their hair done. You will put your heart and soul into your book but you won’t promote it? That doesn’t make sense! Say you are going to post on getting your hair done, try something like this: “Getting my hair done today and I am super excited to be taking a few copies of my book along with me!” You want to keep reminding folks that you have a book, where they can get it and you will be surprised at how many of them will share that information.

3. I have Facebook, that’s all I need!

Wrong! You want to be able to market to as many people as you can. As many of you know, I recommend the “big 3” of Social Media as a starting point. The three being, Facebook, Twitter and a blog. The groups of people you connect with on any of these will usually all be different. Share your message with all of them and see how far your book can go. Once you have the big three mastered, you can incorporate other platforms, such as Tumblr, Pintrest and forums.

4. Learn to walk a fine line between the “hard sale” and staying real.

It’s called Social Media for a reason. If you do nothing but hit everyone with a hard sale, two things can happen. One, your account will be reported, possibly banned and you will lose followers. Both of which are detrimental to your end goal…book sales. Always remember to be kind to those that are kind to you. Engage with your fellow followers, even if it’s just about the weather. If they share something of yours, be sure to return the favor. In the Social Media market, you will find that kindness goes a long way. People hate fake, so be yourself…be real.

I hope that this information will help you to start plotting your sales and marketing plan. In need of some help? Contact us today to learn more about our publishing and marketing services. At ZLS, we create better-we create quality.

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