Illegal Immigration and Corporate Tax Evasion

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I recently read these article in Readers Digest, and found that it is posted online.

This is the first Article I am writing for gather.

Isn’t it funny that the people responsible for making all the decisions as to where our tax dollars go, or who will benefit, NEVER pay those taxes themselves?  For many years now, many companies have “transferred” their “operations”, but only on paper,  to other countries in order to avoid paying taxes all together, via Offshore Subsidiaries.  Tyco is one that comes to mind, in addition to their Securities fraud scandal.


The rich corporations and their owners responsible for bringing in and keeping the illegals here, are not paying their share.  Not only do they benefit from greatly reduced labor costs, but they also avoid paying the taxes, income and profit.


Many articles here on gather have addressed the illegal problem, and those of us who are opposed to the illegals being given amnesty, say that we are without compassion, or in some instances racist.  When you add the reduction in taxes paid by these companies, and the wealthy who personally employ illegals in thier homes, to the cost of the illegals on our social services, this has become a burden that is too much for the average American to carry, and still be able to provide reasonably for their families.

At a time when funding a war is depleating our taxes faster every day, when our young men and women are giving up life and limb for this nation, what these wealthy are doing is a CRIME!! 

We cannot afford to reduce the funding to the war, at least not until we bring our people home.  Whatever it costs to protect them, we must pay.  That means that these tax evasion experts should be prosecuted and fined for both hiring the illegals AND the tax evasion that is crippling our system.

If the companies that hire illegals are prosecuted for the crime of hiring them, as well as tax evasion, it should serve as an additional deterent.  I am well aware that this is not an easy task, nor the only answer to our problem, but it would be a definate step in the right direction.  It would also begin to reduce the burden on the American people.


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