Illinois concealed carry ban may be overturned

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Illinois is now the only state that does not have a concealed carry law, but that may soon change. A hearing is scheduled today in a lawsuit brought by a resident of Champaign, Michael Moore, and the Second Amendment Foundation Inc.

They are suing Attorney General Lisa Madigan claiming that the state of Illinois is violating the Second Amendment by prohibiting residents from carrying a firearm in public. In a brief filed by Lisa Madigan’s office, the Attorney General’s office absurdly claims that since the state does not ban carrying a gun outside of “cities, towns, and other incorporated parts of counties” and, therefore, it is not a total ban.

This argument is eerily similar to the tactic used by the Chicago City Council when the Supreme Court overturned the city’s ban on handguns. The council required that residents who wanted to own a handgun get training at a shooting range, they then banned shooting ranges from the city.

The Chicago shooting range ban was overturned because, as Judge Ilana Diamond Rovner of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stated, the city’s regulations were akin to “thumbing of the municipal nose at the Supreme Court.”

But does Lisa Madigan’s argument not seem a similar “thumbing of the nose” to the Supreme Court? Does her claim that because Illinois allows a very select few places where a citizen may exercise their constitutional rights, they are not restricting those rights, have merit?

Obviously not to the many supporters of concealed carry in the state including Michael Moore and the Second Amendment Foundation. If they are successful in their lawsuit, then Illinois may have concealed carry mandated by court order.

Would that not be a juicy irony for the liberals to swallow? Those who are accused of using the courts to force their beliefs on the rest of society, seem to be facing the same type of treatment.

If the court decides in favor of the Second Amendment, then liberals will be forced to accept the decision and the right to concealed carry in the state of Illinois. And while there are certain to be many more battles in this fight, today is an important one.

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