Illinois Concealed Carry Gets New Hope: ‘We Never Give Up’ Says NRA

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Concealed carry in Illinois is getting new life as the National Rifle Association and its allies are targeting the last state in the union that still denies its citizens the right to carry concealed weapons. Wisconsin is on the verge of adopting its own concealed carry law, making Illinois the very last state in America that has a complete ban on carrying concealed weapons.

We never give up,” stated NRA Public Affairs Director Andrew Arulanandam, “if we don’t get something this time around, we’re going to work until we get it.” Pro-gun rights groups expect to make another attempt to pass legislation in the fall or early spring.

And even though Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has stated his intent to veto any concealed carry legislation, to pass the bill would need a three-fifths majority, and if the necessary 71 votes were achieved, the bill would also have enough support to override Quinn’s promised veto.

The people of Illinois need to contact their state representatives and tell them to pass a concealed carry law. This state is now a laughingstock, the only state that denies its citizens the right to defend themselves against the predations of criminals. Gun control laws do not work, concealed carry laws do.

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