Illinois Man Steven Elliot Johnson Arrested for Holding Teen Captive

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Steven Elliot Johnson and his mother are now in police custody, in connection with holding a teenage girl captive for three years, and allegedly forcing her to have the man’s baby.

Hopefully, they throw the book at these lowlifes. If these accusations are true, there is no punishment severe enough to make up for what this poor girl went through. The now 19-year-old St. Louis woman said she visited Johnson’s southwestern Illinois house about three years ago, but the man wouldn’t allow her to return home to her parents.

He is charged with promotion of prostitution, gun violations, and other crimes, and his mother faces two counts of child endangerment. Steven Elliot Johnson, 25, is now being detained on a $2 million bond.

There must be other charges coming soon, because this girl was held captive for three years. Perhaps police doubt some aspects of her story, because she said she was beaten and raped on a nearly daily basis. Why aren’t there any kidnapping, sex crime, or assault charges? Are the cops seeking more evidence?

“The investigation is ongoing,” said St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly. “We consider everything as it related to the credibility (of) the witnesses … in deciding whether to issue charges.”

Regardless, the important thing is that Steven Elliot Johnson and his deranged mother are behind bars, and unable to harm anyone else for now.

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