I’m a little upset

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Day 17 of NaBloPoMo and I was thinking about things to blog on when I got sidetracked thinking about the word “blog” and how it sounds funny. It’s not as much fun to say as “NaBloPoMo”, but it’s close. I’m thinking about how a lot of words – even common words – sound funny if you say them over and over a bunch of times and the next thing I know, I hear a news story blasting out over the airwaves that shocked me back to reality and really upset me.

A little background. I’m not an overly demanding person. I don’t ask for much and I don’t expect much. I’m humble. Loveable. Remember Underdog? Yeah. I’m pretty much a, I don’t know, salt of the earth type guy. I’ve really only dreamt of one thing for the last 25 years and that is to be named People Magazine’s ”Sexiest Man Alive”. I’m not looking for repeat selections like some on the list, I don’t seek that type of glory, I’m just looking for that one-time recognition.

I get it that I’m not Brad Pitt or Richard Gere, but Mark Harmon and Nick Nolte? Come on. If you’re going to recognize them, give a look over this way, People Magazine! I’d even question Patrick Swayze and Pierce Brosnan. And Sean Connery, has he been sexy since James Bond? And Ben Affleck… oh, stop, don’t get me started.

To make the whole thing worse, and more upsetting, I’ve never even heard of this year’s winner, Ryan Reynolds. I had to Google him just to find out the reason I’ve never heard of him is because I haven’t seen anything he’s done.

I’m sorry, but People Magazine dropped the ball on this one.

Oh well, I’ll keep trying. There’s always 2011.

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