‘I’m a Muslim,’ Said Judge Mark Martin Before Dismissing Charges Against Muslim

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Wow, maybe Judge Mark Martin really is a Muslim. It appears that even after ‘Rita’, who works in the judge’s office, stated blatantly that he isn’t, his own words may just prove to come back and bite him. In case you haven’t heard by now, and you really already should have, the dishonorable Mark Martin dismissed a case of harassment (which should’ve been assault) against a follower of Islam who attacked an atheist marcher in Pennsylvania. The victim of the assault, Ernest Perce V, is an atheist who marched in a Halloween parade in the town of Mechanicsburg dressed as a zombified version of Muhammad.

http://blog.pennlive.com/midstate_impact/2008/02/swear6%201228%20mf3%2011296.jpgEveryone should know by now that in the United States of America, this was a completely acceptable expression of one’s First Amendment rights. However, Judge Mark Martin made light of the entire Constitution when he dismissed this “harassment” case against the Muslim attacker after lecturing Perce for several (and I do mean several) minutes about Islam. At one point he challenged the victim of the “harassment” to a debate on Islam. Sound biased to ya?

Yesterday Mark Martin’s office responded to the simple question asking if he is a follower of Islam. The office, representing Mark Martin by answering, stated that he absolutely is not. Well, then why did Judge Mark Martin say the following shortly before dismissing the case:

“I’m a Muslim, I find it offensive.”

Listen to the audio transcript below. The judge makes the blatant admission at time mark 31:25:

So this leaves a few questions. Why, would the office of this so-called “honorable” magistrate judge say he isn’t, when he obviously admitted to being Muslim in the above transcript? Perhaps they’re trying to do damage control? Perhaps the clerical people aren’t familiar with what happened in court?

Maybe this also why Judge Mark Martin is threatening the atheist victim of “harassment” (assault is a better term!) with “contempt of court” charges if he continues to share the transcript. Maybe Mark Martin realizes he did a bad thing and wants to bully that problem out of the way. Well guess what: That’s not going to happen.

Judge Mark Martin is perfectly free to be whatever religion he wants to be. If he wants to be a Muslim, that’s fine. If he wants to be Christian, that is fine too. But he is in absolutely no position whatsoever to use his religious beliefs as a way to rule on court proceedings. This is a blatant abuse of power and the complete disregard of a person’s rights. Basically, in a trial presided by this guy you can be attacked for expressing only your First Amendment rights and you’ll still be the bad guy while the attacker walks free. It appears, and this is just to be opinionated, that either Mark Martin is Muslim like he states blatantly in the transcript, or he at the least hates atheists enough to disregard their rights in the name of whatever nonsense is in opposition at the moment. The first choice is probably the correct one.

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