I'm a TERRIBLE roll model for MY children

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Last night I wrote an article, Barbie in the center of a Scandal – Get REAL!  I can't understand why so many people are up in arms over a Barbie that comes with tattoos.  So many people have said that "it's a bad influence for our children" in addition to other things.

Well,  I guess I'll just admit it and move on with my life!

I'm a TERRIBLE roll model for MY children and all the children I'm around because I have 3 tattoos of my own!  Mine are REAL and won't wash off!  I can't believe the example that I am setting for my children, how are they going to grow up to be responsible when I have tattoos on my body?

I guess I can't let my kids hang around with my mom, dad, sister or brother either since they all have tattoos.  I can't let my children be around things that might actually teach them that they have a mind of their own and can express themselves.

I feel terrible about being such a BAD MOM, but what other choice do I have since I have tattoos?!


Can you hear the sarcasm?  Seriously, this is getting way out of control!  What's next?!

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