I'm still Alive~

Well, I made it. I had my hernia surgery this morning at about 7:30 am. I had to be at the hospital at 5:00am, so we left the house at 4:15. An early morning & a long day!

They moved everything along pretty quickly without a lot of waiting time in between & I appreciated that.

We got back home at about 12:30. It would have been earlier, but we stopped at an Organic store that is only open during the week – so I never get to go there. I bought a few things.

Once we got home I sent my husband out to wash a large blanket at the laundry-mat & to pick up my prescription for pain meds. I didn't realize he was going to be gone so long (2 1/2 hours) and I was in so much pain when he finally returned! I took 1 pain pill waited about a half hour & then took a second one. I am still in pain, but it is fairly managable.

I am walking like an old lady though, all hunched over & pitiful. Do you feel sorry for me? I need some sympathy!

I haven't seen it yet (have to wait 48 hours), but I guess I have about a 3 1/2" incision in the groin area. It hurts!

Well, I'm going to go lay down & I might not be back on gather again until tomorrow. By the way – hate the way my homepage looks now! Figured out how to see the articles by my connections easliy enough, but still – it's too crowded now.

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