I'm Thinking Of Running For VP…Mostly For The Clothes

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In today’s news it was reported that the Republican National Committee has spent $150,000 outfitting Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

That does it.  I’m throwing my hat (size 8 1/2) in the ring.

Palin has spent $50,000 at Saks and $75,000 at Neiman Marcus on pantsuits, etc.  Another four grand has gone out for haircuts and makeup.  Even by John Edwards’ standards that’s ten haircuts.

The RNC says it’s all going to charity after the election.  Cool! There’s going to be some extremely well-dressed homeless people walking around provided they’re a size 2 and like crimson, white and navy.

Apparently Todd and the kids also benefitted from the extreme makeover.  Maybe the RNC should send Ty Pennington and the gang over to spruce up the house while they’re at it.

I could really use some new clothes and my wife would be thrilled!  There’s no Neiman Marcus near us but there’s a good selection of Carharts at Farm-Way, our local clothier.

I may not be all that well-dressed but I am totally qualified to lead.  I can find Kazakhstan on a map, and I even know what the Bush Doctrine is.  In fact, I have my own doctrine, too:

Never run for high public office if there’s somebody on SNL who looks like you.




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