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Image is everything,
Clyde tells you. Give
Folks what they want

To see and want to believe,
Bonnie, they don’t want
The darn truth, they want

High heroes, vile villains,
Want them pretty bad. You
Pose, the gun, the cigar,

Even put the left foot
On the bumper of the car.
He prepares to shoot you,

Prepares to take the shot,
Shyly smiles, suggests you
Stare hard into the old box

Camera. You want to laugh,
Run over to him and kiss
His mouth and toss the

Cigar and give him back
The gun and get on with
Life, with being, with the

Hard won fun. Hold it just
There, he says, hold the
Head just so, that’s it, got

You just as they’ll want
To see. You stand and stare,
Sense dark danger in the air.

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