Images From Danielle Staub “Raw” Leaked (Warning: They’re Beyond Nasty)

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I’d barely even had one sip of coffee this morning when I came across these photos of Danielle Staub on TMZ this morning. Needless to say, I won’t be eating, and I’ll probably never be able to sit on my old Corinthian leather chair again. Why this woman decided anyone would want to see any of that, I have no idea.

Ladies, here’s the thing about implants. I’m not totally opposed, especially after seeing what breastfeeding does to our formerly perky tatas, but when you get to be middle-aged and older, your wonk boobs just look all wrong on that aging body. And, as I said yesterday, she’s obviously taken care of herself and even had work done, but unfortunately you can’t fight Mother Time…oh, and years of being a coke whore. That also ages you.

Lastly, it’s about the face. Ugh, the face! It could literally stop a train. Listen, I totally get that there are plenty of guys out there with fetishes, and even some real bizarre ones – prosthetic limbs, obese gals, trannies, etc. But honestly, I can’t imagine anyone could enjoy themselves looking at that face. Fuhgettaboutit.

I’m only posting one photo in order to save you the misery I endured, but if you must (you sick bastard), you can see them all on TMZ. The one I chose is the one I felt best represented the misery.

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