Imagination, Dreaming and Reality ~ 03/06/12

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Imagination, Dreaming and Reality

Imagine your spirit at peace, dream the world could smile at each other despite their differences.  A reality?  One smile at a time it could be.  Goals are like that a dream, an imagination turned into a reality.

All of life’s greatest inventions have started with plenty of imagination and dreaming.  The invention once presented had plenty of skeptics, nay sayers, unbelievers and some inventions even had hatred towards them.  But in the end the reality of the dreams and the imagination of that dreamer turned our world into a more advance place.

Things got easier.

Beating our clothes with a stick against a rock turned into a washing machine.

Taking a stick to a rug turned into a sweeper to get the dirt off the rug.

A horse rider with mail in hand turned into a telegraph operator.

Dreams and imagination turned into a reality just because they willed it to be true.

We are taking the steps of the greats and using history to become the person we want to be.

We should reflect on the greats and the struggles they had to take to overcome their obstacles and truly their failure was indeed an education. They pushed on and kept on until they came to their reality.

So should we, keep pushing on and keep dreaming and working until we become the reality we want to be.

Just some thoughts and as always smiles sent to you this day and everyday.

New Affirmation for the Month of March ….. Use it daily and feel the change in you.

I walk with confidence and understanding towards success.  Born into a perfected state I strive to achieve my intended purpose, to love, to share and care for self and for others that come in contact with me.  I choose to be happy and share laughter.  Making a difference in another persons life for the better gives positive and ever flowing energy into my world.  I am focusing on my goals, the this moment goal, this day, my weekly goals and monthly goals I achieve because of my spirit and focus.


Quote of the Day

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

: o ) Henry David Thoreau



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Smiles to you this day and everyday : )

Sharing a smile ~  Sending you love ~  Pass it on

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