Iman: A Love Match with David Bowie

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It is hard to believe Iman and David Bowie have already been married for 18 years. They seemed an odd match in the beginning, as she has a classic elegance and Bowie was long known for his outrageous on stage persona. However, they seem happy and in love.

A Fabulous Marriage

And now this couple is approaching two decades of marriage. Iman is very happy about her marriage. She said, “My marriage is exactly as fabulous as you all would think. He’s fun, he’s a really very curious man and so I really learn a lot from him,” reports the Daily Mail.

Iman majored in political science before she turned to fashion for her career. Thus, this couple must have a lot of fun discussing politics and world issues.

Iman also told Harper’s Bazaar, “I still fancy him—totally!—after all these years. She also noted that she is very fond of Bowie’s song “Heroes.” They are both creative people. Perhaps that helped them to build a strong marriage that gives them joy.

A NYC Romance

Iman and David Bowie live in New York City. Like so many people there, they are both from other countries. They found love in New York. Iman is from Somalia and David is from England.

This couple could well afford help to do all the daily chores in the home. However, Iman is a hands on woman. She said, “I vowed to myself when I got married that I would cook every night. I find it very therapeutic,” notes Harpar’s Bazaar.

Iman has a strong love with David. It will be fascinating to watch this couple over the decades as they age together.

ImanÂ’s Career

Iman is still very busy with her career. She is a host of “The Fashion Show” on Bravo. She also has a fashion line on the Home Shopping Network. It is called Global Chic. She even has a home fashion line. It is named Iman Home.

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