Immature Kim Kardashian thinks Kris Humphries-Myla Sinanaj drama is ‘funny’!

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Kim Kardashian recently told Oprah Winfrey that her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kris Humphries, is a good person and she doesn’t feel any ill will toward him.

But it looks like she wasn’t being totally honest, because a “source” (aka a Kardashian-Jenner) tells that Kim thinks Kris’ ongoing drama with maybe baby mama Myla Sinanaj is “hilarious”!

“Kris has tried to make Kim out to seem like the bad guy,” the website’s snitch says. “Now that it’s come out that he’s been seeing Myla for months, it shows he’s full of it. She thinks it’s such a joke and thinks it’s funny that all this drama has been surrounding him.”

After making such a big deal in the Oprah interview about how she’s sorry she hurt him and wouldn’t wish pain on anyone, now she’s cackling over his misfortune? Wow, that’s mature. Sure, Kris is an idiot for getting involved with someone who’s an even bigger famewhore than Kim. But if Kim is really trying to play the sympathy card during the divorce proceedings and win back some of her fans, she should probably try taking the high road for once in her life instead of engaging in petty, bitter tabloid snarking. But why would she take the high road when she can rip on her ex in the press some more (and get publicity for herself in the process)?

“She’s known for a while that Kris was seeing some girl,” Hollywood Life’s source says. “But she doesn’t care, she literally doesn’t even think about him. She just wants the divorce to be over and is looking forward to Myla being deposed.”

So… Kim “literally doesn’t even think” about Kris, and yet she knows what’s happening in his personal life and she makes sure to let a major celebrity gossip website know that she thinks he’s a “joke” and that she’s over him. This is just all so junior high! But what do you expect from someone who told Oprah that she’s finally “growing up” at 31?

What do you think? How immature is Kim Kardashian? How bad is Kris Humphries’ taste in women? Sound off in the comments!

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