Immigration Issues Barely Touched in Tea Party Debate; Long Depression Safe!

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Immigration is the ghost in the Tea Party Republican machine! After the CNN Monday night debate, results were slow to come in. Maybe it was TiVoed to be perused later? There was plenty of that sort of coverage.

But coverage of the event has to be thin, especially since there’s little or nothing to report and none of that, “news.” It’s the invisible issue, the ghost in the machine: Immigration.

On a deeper level, the “ghost in the machine” is an understanding that our higher-order decisions are based upon our more central, primitive brain functions: Hate, anger, avarice, envy, scapegoating, all violent thoughts. It was good of CNN to be like Caesar’s wife (above suspicion): CNN omitted any discussion of religious issues.

There’s little, then, one can say about the absentee immigration issue coverage, so central to all the rest of the policy problems discussed: Joblessness, which leads to homelessness, which drives down home prices for everyone, due to both the glut of repossessed homes and the inherent, lingering economic uncertainty over these key issues which hamstrings financial markets. Would someone ask Wolf Blitzer, “Why he ‘covered’ immigration—with a Band-Aid?”

Immigration bashes all these fundamentals right in the breadbasket; even legal immigration which has been as simple as teaching pigs to fly since the Clinton Administration! Officially, it takes 50,000 new jobs every month just to keep up with population growth—which cannot include the unknown factor:

How many more illegal aliens slipped through the borders that month, added to those 50,000. Illegal construction workers are facing the same woes, at least until 2016, that the legal and/or un-/underemployed do.

Social services including Social Security (SSD and SSI) Programs are already stretched beyond reasonable limits. Yet home values keep sinking; job growth was zero, not 50,000, and people without jobs have no viable program to make underwater mortgage payments from. Food stamps only go so far. Unemployment benefits are unchanged yet real inflation (not so-called “core inflation which ignores prices of fuel and food; who lives like that?) just ratchets up a click every month, including health care.

Consumer prices are up, consumer confidence is down, and this is a 70%-consumer spending driven economy. One can hardly expect to have these social services recipients jump-start the economy. They look to U.S. leaders—and prayer—for such solutions.

But the ghost in the machine is still AWOL.

Oh, sure. Everyone wanted to pile on Rick Perry for endorsing in-state college tuition rates for illegal immigrants—if immigrants’ children were born here, are they not citizens? This Anglo-European writer is—plus, for Perry’s resistance to any fence—building to the south asunrealistic.”

Unrealistic is a law whose enforcement remains unrealized, isn’t it? Unrealistic is catching 300,000 trespassers and releasing them with rights to get jobs, locally, like Obama’s Homeland Security will do. Surely, unemployed people could be re-trained and employed to stand guard? There’s plenty around.

We were clearly sending a message to young people regardless of what the sound of their last name is that we believe in you,” Perry pandered; it’s the American way! Not one challenged Obama’s status quo.

Michele Bachmann added, immigrants (presumably legal?) “have to agree to learn to speak the English language, learn American history and our Constitution”—her exact same one-sentence propaganda policy from five days before.

That’s it. That’s all the news to report on the most fundamental issue at the core of all U.S. issues.

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