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How could I not love you
When together we’re the perfect blend,
And long before we were born
You were already my best friend?

Though I know a lot of pretty words,
There are none that can convey
The magnitude of love I feel for you
Or its growth from day to day.

Sometimes I get lost in this big mad world,
And sometimes I feel all alone,
But the warmth of your smile and your open arms
Help me find my way back home.

You reach out and grasp my fingers
And my wounded wings flap free,
And all I can do is love you more
because you’ve touched the heart of me.

How could I not love you
when it was written on a star
That my life would have greater sustenance
Just because you are?

Yes it may sound a little crazy,
But then crazy is what we do,
And life began again for me
The day that I met you.

Yes, I will always love you,
Defying reason, throughout time,
because long before we were born
You were already a friend of mine.

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