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My father impressed me when I was small

He taught me to be genuine with all

My mother impressed me with so much love

Unconditionally she gave it, still from above


My Grandmother, who I thought was so old

Impressed me with strength with all she could do

I’m her age now, remembering her I think

She wasn’t that old, just a number. Who knew


My husband impressed me with the love that he gave

He was a war hero, lived with PTSD, so brave

He never gave up, worked every day

Never complained, he was remarkable that way


My children impressed me each one as they grew

Different personalities, none of them blue

My eldest son had a great scientific mind

The Universe excited him, he was gentle and kind


My second son impressed me he was so like his dad

A good and a steady man, scruples he had

My third son impressed me with his polished street smarts

Joined the Army at 18, his life adventure starts


My daughter impressed me with her beauty and grace

Her gentleness and kindness, the smile on her face

She believed she had lived before and then born to me

She bore two children, I raised one, she sits at God’s knee


My psyche has impressed me as I have seen the future at times

I don’t always like it, but the control isn’t mine

The past ten years took my daughter, husband and son

The Good Lord Impressed me, for with me he’s not done


I am impressed with my longevity

How I have survived is a deep mystery

I’m impressed with my brain still craving more

I’m watching great grandchildren learning the score


My sense of humor has kept me afloat

I’m impressed that I have such a good outlook now

I’m impressed that I can still be impressed

Your impressions stay with you, mine are the best


I hope that you accept all my impressions to date

I’m impressed that I have no one I hate

I love everyone and spread it around

For Love is my Blessing  , that I have found





This is a sober serious challenge. My hope is that any post that is in response to this challenge will touch our hearts and make us think. In a sense it is a continuation of what many of you did last week. It expands Thanksgiving one day per year to every day. To all of those who are encouraging me to keep writing especially these days when so much is pulling me away from doing what I truly love to do, thank you.

All genres are encouraged but in my opinion poetry and narratives would work quite well with this challenge. Still I know that with the talented writers and poets in this group other genres will work just as well.T

The first rule to remember is to include the words “ Impressions Made 12/5/2013″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 12/5/13,Impressions Made.



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