In Bloody Thoughts But Not In Blood

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In bloody thoughts but not in blood…

Survive the daggers, torture and flood.

Soul tearing screams disappear in the sky,

Tortured mind still wondering why….

The pulsating throb breathes in your ear,

Why the hell are you still standing here?

Gun in your hand, hate in your heart,

Hands that once loved pull you apart.

More than one way to end the abuse,

If you pull the trigger, is there really an excuse?

Rot behind bars for the rest of your life,

Who wants to go to jail for being a wife?

Kisses lead to bruises nobody could see,

Resentment crowds like an overgrown tree.

Consuming your body, mind and soul,

Is it possible for you to take control?

Get your life back without violent attack,

Don’t stoop to his level and never go back.

(c) Stacey “Mamasaid” D. All Rights Reserved 2010

Here is a YouTube video from AWAIC to raise awareness about domestic violence:


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