In Dreams – GCC November

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At night, in my dreams

I am transported

(Once by a bus)

To a place where

carrots come alive

And then teaches me


Where my house

Is attacked by crocodiles

And alligators too

Where my sister suddenly

Becomes Freddy kreuger

- If only you knew

She chased me with knives

And murder on her mind

I woke up screaming

My thoughts were unkind

There once was a time

When three celebrity men

Wanted me and fought!

But then my husband

Quite rudely awoke me

He said “ahaa you are caught”

- only in my dreams!

Ok now don’t laugh now

I swear this dream

is really true

I dreamt I had sex

On a fast moving train

But don’t know with who

- now come on, who has that dream!

And finally there’s my favorite

Where a prince rescued me

To Texas he flew

He swept me away

By the way guys

This one really came true!

I know when my poem is done

And I’ve submitted

It to gather

I’ll remember all my other

Crazy dreams and

Bowl over in laughter


Dream away – these were just a few of my crazy night time escapades. I really did have these loony dreams. I can’t wait to read what others have dreamt up.


In Dreams

 When the lights go down and our mind/body is finally at rest – this is when we succumb to our dreams. We all have them; many remembered, even more forgotten. Write me a story or poem about a dream you have had. Was it funny? Scary? Silly? Tell me why you think you had that dream, if it was brought on by real life scenario or thoughts or was it just a dream.

 I have the most outrageous, off-the-wall dreams; some that come from just nowhere. I can’t wait to share with you mine!

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