In Justice We Pray

(Based on a true story)

If you are poor in America you are held to the standards of what our systems of justice hands out to you in the form of attorney and the hopping through the hoops of the loop holes laid out for the poor man/woman.  Many attorneys are on the rise through the system to make their mark for justice and get the recognitions of the courts, NOT the poor client.  One such case shows how our legal system worked for the accused.

He was a very successful  young man who balked at the system in America by which monies were diverted to the rich through loop holes in our tax system.  So he decided to get off the grid, so to speak and forego paying taxes.  He had seen full well where the monies went in his line of business; so he hid from the IRS and used millions to by pass the system to help other undeveloped nations; yet again, by  bypassing their form of government to get the monies straight to the poorest of poor.  By bypassing the registrations of his wealth he, dug a hole in which he could easily be buried.

He was a gambler by trade and could NOT be beat.  He won many titles in the gambling circuit and even shrunk the odds in sports betting; due to a system that couldn’t lose.  It wasn’t long after winning a huge $96,000.00 tournament that he was accused of murder.  Here is where his story of justice begins. 

He had many friends in his line of business, but they were what one would call fair weather friends.  He knew they were friends drawn by the money magnet and so as he was born an orphan and lived on the street, he kept pretty much to himself.  He bought a house in Reno and also in San Diego; both under fictitious names and lived a quiet life with his dogs and other animal.  He bought cars and boats and traveled to many counties; all outside the law.   Until one day at the most exclusive club at the time in Vegas he was confronted by two total strangers insisting they wanted to partner with him.  They were insisting he take a million in cash and become their partner; as they knew he, had the secret to make millions and was.  He turned them down and that was the last contact he had with the real world of freedom. 


If these two people would have come to his trial and testified he had money and was not poor, which was the prosecutions case for a murder, he would be a free man today.   But they didn’t, and when he tried to show the jury all the circumstantial evidence pointing to his reasons for murder were groundless; he was denied a witness he did have; to come testify at his trial.  It was a president of a bank in Zurich, which could have cooperated his millions in their bank.  As things played out, it was clear the prosecutor and judge were in cahoots.  They made sure that his testimony about his bank account was never heard by the jury and never allowed for him to call the one witness to his riches.  The IRS seized all his assets and because he had them listed in fictitious names he couldn’t prove he was the owner, had millions and thus no motive to kill a car salesman for a $9,000.00 truck.  They took every bit of paper work he had and erased his past.  But what they didn’t count on was God intervening.

After 25 years on death row, God sent him a friend from the most unlikely places;  the internet, which  he knew very little about as the time in jail didn’t afford him anything as a poor person.  Those who were fighting for abolition of the death penalty had posted some of his story on the net to get him a pen pal.  He had no one for years.  Never a visit and never a letter and had totally lost faith in humanity. 

 (to be continued)


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