In North Korea, the Obama administration’s weakness invites nuclear war

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North Korea has upped the ante by threatening a direct attack on Tokyo, and in response the Obama administration’s Secretary of Defense, John Kerry, once again answered strength with weakness. Instead of providing a strong response to this act of war, such as informing them that any attack would be met with the complete annihilation of Pyongyang, Kerry meekly stated that “If Kin Jong Un decides to launch a missile…he would be choosing willfully to ignore the entire international community.”

This type of response hearkens back to the weakness of Europe in response to the rise of Nazi Germany. When British Prime Minister Chamberlain claimed that he had achieved peace in his time, all he achieved was the death of millions. As everyone now knows, Hitler never had any intention of complying with any international treaty and used them as part of his overall strategy for conquest. But with Kerry’s response comes the reappearance of the ghost of Chamberlain, and the destruction it foretold.

Kim Jong Un is a dangerous little worm who needs to be stepped on. While it may be true that American weakness in the past has allowed this worm to grow into a snake, and one with nuclear fangs, it is time to finally deal with the situation. Further weakness will only allow the tyrannical dictator to make more threats which, in the future, he may very well carry out. After all, when nobody stops a psychopath, they inevitably delve further into their psychopathic behavior. In other words, Kim Jong Un is testing the limits of his power and when he finds no limits he will simply go further and further.

If President Obama and his lackey John Kerry think they can appease their way to peace, they are not only idiots but haven’t watched a single minute of the History Channel. All one has to do to understand the danger of appeasing a tyrannical dictator is watch any number of programs on WWII, the destruction and death seen there should be a lesson to any with half a brain. However, it seems that Barack Obama, whom many claim is the most intelligent president ever, has allowed his failed liberal ideology to overcome common sense; and, like Chamberlain before him, millions may die as a result.

North Korea is too dangerous to be left to weaklings like President Obama and John Kerry. This kind of response will only further embolden Kim Jong Un to make more demands, and threaten nuclear war every time he doesn’t get what he wants. Unfortunately, for America and the world, President Obama seems to be uninterested in preventing nuclear war. Perhaps he is too busy taking away the guns of American citizens.

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