In Texas Voter ID Law Challenge, DOJ Hires “Progressive” Data-Mining Firm

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It seems Eric Holder still has a problem separating his personal ideology from his duties as Attorney General. Just days after the House of Representatives voted to hold him in contempt of Congress, Holder’s methods and motivations have once more been brought into question—this time in regards to the Department of Justice’s challenge to a Texas voter ID law which would require voters to present photo identification on election day. reports that the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), has taken umbrage with the DOJ’s research methods, and has written Holder personally on the subject. Apparently, the DOJ hired Catalist, an openly partisan data-mining firm, to collect and assemble the data used to support the DOJ’s challenge of the voter ID law. According to the company’s website Catalist’s mission is to “provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize”. Catalist’s counts both the Democratic National Committee and and the Obama campaign among its client list. Catalist’s clients, particularly the Texas Democratic Trust, are anything but disinterested observers of the voting practices in Texas. It appears the DOJ hired the progressive firm without an open bidding process.

Eric Holder’s DOJ has become nothing more than a strong arm for the ideological left. Under Holder’s leadership, the Department has made meddling in the business of the individual states a top priority. Perhaps the DOJ should focus on efficiency and competence in their own operations, and allow the states handle theirs.

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