In the good ole days there was the bully tyranny of ubiquitous Christian's holidays

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Love my article title?  It IS a bit much, but I was going for drama !!!


(and now for the dramatic article)

Some citizens have fought hard to make society a little more fair and not just let Christians rub their ways into every corner of a society that isn't all Christian (and never was).

And what do many Christians now say about this?  Some say "fair is fair" – I bet.  Everybody (even Christians) know that Christians aren't the only ones in public school, or working a job, or out shopping.  So to be fair, why should places like that have to be so very Christian?  Many Christians are happy this time of year with generic things like twinkling lights and a vague, "Happy Holidays" in public places.

But too often you hear the bully minded ones crying, "Put Christ back in Christmas."

If you want a Christian Christmas (yeah, I was being redundant, there, ha ha), go to your church.  You can even get Christmas on your radio WAY too much this time of year, so that means it's wherever a radio is.  And it's all over TV and we know that's on way too much.  And nobody is stopping you from putting up a Nativity Scene in your own home.  WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ??? !!!!

(more more more)

If you are Christian then don't expect society in general to bring Christmas to you (even though it actually is – a lot).  Celebrate it yourself, and celebrate it where you are pretty sure you aren't being irritating to others who don't celebrate it.  The tyranny of the majority can be VERY irritating.


And Merry Christmas (that's what I say because that's how I was raised, so it's my nostalgia).

And Happy Holidays (because, growing up, we always said that, too !!)


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