Inauguration 2013: Barack Obama Speech, Full Coverage (Live Blog)

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Inauguration 2013 for President Barack Obama’s second term takes place today (Jan. 21). While an official swearing-in ceremony took place privately Sunday, the public gets to witness Obama’s public inaugural speech and learn about is vision going forward.

In keeping with tradition, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attended church early Monday morning. Once the service ends, the president and his family will board the official limousine aka the “Beast” and take the short drive to the National Mall.

For the inauguration ceremonies, Beyonce is set to sing the National Anthem. She joins a large cast of celebrities and dignitaries who are taking part in ushering in history as the president takes the oath of office. Similar to Hollywood red carpets, fashion gurus will have their eyes peeled on what Michelle Obama and others are wearing.

As American’s first African American president, Obama’s second inaugural address has attracted throngs of people from all over the nation. As crowds gather for the presidential swearing-in ceremony, conversations center on how Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday celebration coincides with the presidential inauguration.

Barack Obama Inauguration OathWhile the number of people in attendance will not likely rival those of Obama’s first term, the significance of the inauguration 2013 address will be no less significant.

According to recent polls, the president’s approval rating is significantly lower (49.1 percent) than it was in 2008. By comparison, George W. Bush’s enjoyed 62.2 percent.

With divisive issues like gun control, the debt ceiling and government spending the president faces, his speech will, arguably, set the tone in how lawmakers tackle the business of the people.

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Photo source: Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley, USN/Wikipedia Commons

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