Inauguration 2013: Obama’s Speech

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For Inauguration 2013, President Obama’s speech stresses the importance of the government in the free market, discusses the “shrinking few who do very well,” how entitlement programs “strengthen us”, how America will be responding to the “threat of Climate Change”, despite the fact that there are some that “still deny the overwhelming judgment of science”, reaffirmed his commitment to invest in “in the generation that will build its [America’s] future” and how Americans must not “treat name-calling as reasoned debate”. President Obama mentions the word “God” five times during his speech.

Will President Obama’s speech resonate with Americans?


The full transcript of the speech can be found at the Talking Points Memo. Some of the words of the address surely foreshadow the ideas that the newly re-elected president of the United States will be pushing for his second term. For example, Americans can surely expect more government spending, the continual federal government resistance to entitlement reform, and certainly proposals for further green stimulus. It is difficult to accept that the president is preaching about name-calling, as he has done more of his “fair share” in that arena.

The excitement of Inauguration 2013 may give Americans a brief respite from the overwhelming economic problems faced by the United States.

Despite the urgent nature of the failing economy, it seems that real change with regard to “unsustainable” federal spending will be taking a back seat to the issues of gun control and immigration, which are “priorities” for the president, as confirmed by White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe, who spoke on Sunday political talk shows this weekend. Plouffe also confirmed that the debate over revenue (code for more taxes) is necessary, as he told George Stephanopoulos on ABC, “We are going to require some more revenues…” Buckle your seat belts!

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