Inception Premiere – Leonardo DiCaprio Continues his Rise to Jack Nicholson Status

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie “Inception” premiered yesterday to a host of rave reviews and critical acclaim. The project of Christopher Nolan, whose credits include “The Dark Knight” and “Momento”, the movie casts Leo as the police officer/extractor who’s undertaking his last job before retirement. The storyline entails Leo and his team of extractors diving into people’s minds to cull out vital and pertinent information to stop crimes. I think. Something like that. Think Flatliners or that other movie where the guy turns into a cobra in his dreams to terrorize people.


Leo has been in this acting game for a while now. I recall him rocking his Tony Hawk style swoop haircut in Growing Pains with Kirk Cameron (who incidentally, rocked a perm back then – man I miss the late 80s). Leo eventually went on to be a teen heartthrob and starred in some great movies (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” with Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis immediately comes to mind, and I’m sure there are others, I heard “Gangs of New York” was pretty good).


Now with Leo’s latest release, he is slowly solidifying his status as a modern day Jack Nicholson, complete with puffy face, slicked back hair, and cocky demeanor that makes audiences think he’s pissed off at everything around him. Throw in the hot models he dates, and you got Jack himself. What’s missing now from Leo is a role like Jack Nicholson’s in “Batman.”


Remember “Batman” when it first came out in the early 90s? People were freaking out over Jack Nicholson’s Joker character, and rightfully so as Jack nailed the part completely. Leo needs to take on a role like this. Something he can ham up and mug up in front of the camera. I think he should take on the role as George Bush or Dick Cheney in some sort of Oliver Stone movie about the previous presidential administration. Seeing Leo do something like this would be commensurate to Jack’s turn as the Joker.


Leo (or his agents), are you listening?


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