Indiana Billboard Praises Its Pubic Schools

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For the grand daddy of all mistakes, an Indiana billboard praised its public schools but made an unfortunate spelling mistake.  Instead of spelling out the word Public, the word Pubic was published and brandished over the city of South Bend.

The billboard was put up within the district and meant to praise the districts well performing schools.  In its entirety the billboard was meant to read, “15 Best Things About Our Public Schools” and then had the districts web address  on the bottom for interested persons to check out.

Apparently though, a spell check was not done at one point throughout the process because even though spelling and reading may be a strong suit in the district it is not someone’s strong suit.

The company that made the billboard, The Blue Water Group, immediately took responsibility for the error, and apologized for the mistake made.

The unfortunate and embarrassing mistake was totally avoidable with so many hands being involved in the process, but it just goes to show that you can never be too careful.    No word yet on when and if the billboard will be corrected or for how long it is meant to stay in place.  Hopefully, students will be able to help the district correct this mistake before anyone else reads it.

Indiana Billboard Mixup

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