Indiana Jones Death Denied by Harrison Ford’s Reps

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Harrison FordÂ’s reps are denying reports that he wanted an Indiana Jones death scene in the next Indiana movie. Rumors were swirling that Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.jpgSteven Spielberg were actively mulling over the idea of Indiana Jones dying in the next movie so that Jones’ son, Mutt Williams,  played by Shia LaBeouf would be able to take over starring in future movies of the nearly 30-year-old franchise.

Those rumors were quickly squashed when Harrison Ford’s reps told Huffington Post the claims were “false.” The fact that Shia LaBeouf wasn’t too thrilled with his character may account for why Harrison Ford isn’t too keen on passing down his famed fedora franchise.

Speaking about being Mutt Williams, LaBeouf had previously said, “In [Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull], I just felt sort of pigeonholed. Like I didn’t have enough meat to chew on. I just feel like we were trying to enforce innocence on an audience that wasn’t willing. You can’t force things, you know?”

Well, Shia is a talented actor and he can look elsewhere to find meaty roles. ThereÂ’s been no confirmation that he has signed on for another appearance so maybe George Lucas and Steven Spielberg can kill off LaBeoufÂ’s character and bring on a new son worthy of Indiana Jones. One thatÂ’s not afraid of snakes.


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