Indonesian Crop Circles Cause UFO Enthusiasts to Descend on Region

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While many people think the Indonesian crop circles were caused by aliens, it seems much more likely that they were caused by a natural or man-made phenomenon. Despite this common sense solution, many UFO and alien enthusiasts have descended on the region.

The shocking crop circles were the first ever found in Indonesia. They were first reported in a rice field in Sleman, Yogyakarta. The geometrical pattern in the rice consists of circles and triangles. As of yet, local officials have not come up with a concrete explanation which has led many to speculate that alienÂ’s with UFOs created the strange shapes.

So far, there has been absolutely no evidence of aliens in the Indonesian crop circles. That hasn’t stopped people from getting incredibly excited about the possibility, though. One Krasakan resident named Cahyo Tuomo said, “I think they were left by an alien space ship, like one I saw on TV. It is impossible that this was made by wind or any animal.”

What about you? Do you buy this theory, at all?

There is no way that aliens came to Indonesia and created crop circles. Sure, it is a fun story and an interesting idea, but it just isn’t true. In fact, one likely explanation may be a tornado that was reported in the area last Saturday evening. If it wasnÂ’t the tornado, then it very well could have been man-made, in order to draw attention and visitors to the region.

In past instances of crop circles, pranksters have actually claimed responsibility. Doug Bower and Dave Chorley actually even demonstrated how they could be created in as little as one hour.

In fact, an official at IndonesiaÂ’s space agency named Thomas Djamaluddin said, “We will not send investigators to the scene because we suspect the crop circle involves human intervention, not natural phenomena, nor scientific phenomena associated with outer space creatures commonly referred to as aliens.”

Even officials do not believe the UFO enthusiasts’ claims of alien life created the mysterious rings.

Who stands to gain the most from the sudden appearance of these geometrical patterns in the rice field? It seems that the rice farmers or business owners in the area have the most to gain from the exposure. However, pranksters could also be to blame.

It is highly likely that this incident is a hoax as many others in the past have been. If not, then there is likely some other natural phenomenon that caused them.

What do you think about all the hoopla surrounding the recent find in Indonesia? Do you fall on the side of the UFO enthusiasts, or are you more of a realist when it comes to these things?

Indonesian Crop Circles Cause UFO Enthusiasts to Descend on Region

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