Ines Sainz in Playboy Pictures Soon?

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Ines Sainz has recently received a tempting offer from Playboy, to appear inside the pages of the magazine.  Sainz is the controversy-causing Brazilian reporter who was apparently “harassed” on the sidelines while covering the New York Jets for a story she was doing.

Ines Sainz of TV Azteca during Media Day prior to Super Bowl XLI at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida on January 30, 2007. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

According to, “a pretty big offer” was made to Ines Sainz from Hugh Heffner’s people.  That includes Sainz getting to be on the cover in addition to a nice paycheck, if she will pose fully nude for the men’s magazine.  Sounds like a great deal for all involved right?  Not so fast.

According to sources from Sainz’ network though, her network prohibits its talent from posing naked.  They only allow dressing in tight jeans and revealing tops.  TMZ jokes that maybe Sainz’s contract is up soon.  Playboy has usually been something that generates a lot of buzz for actresses and celebs, even women who were part of scandals and became celebs.  Sainz certainly fits into that latter category.  You have to wonder what the offer is, and if it’s worth her quitting her day job for though.

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