Infant Falls From Baby Seat; Home Depot Employee To The Rescue: All Caught On Camera

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Falls from baby seat carriers are rare and putting an infant bucket seat on the top of the shopping basket is routine for most parents. When one set of parents placed their infant bucket seat on the seat portion of the shopping cart while shopping at Home Depot, they never expected that their baby would be so close to potential injury or death. Thankfully an alert employee just happened to be within a few feet of the family when their precious baby fell out of the infant seat. The falling infant could have been seriously injured or even died had employee Chris not saved the day.

 photo infantcarriertopofcart_zpsb9c38328.gifInfant carriers should never be placed in the top of a shopping cart because they can easily tip and fall. The clicking sound that so many parents interpret as their infant’s seat locking onto the cart is extremely misleading and can actually damage the locking mechanism leading to a potential car seat failure in the event of a vehicle accident. Even more, most infant carrier manufacturers specifically prohibit the practice because when an infant falls from baby seat carriers placed on top of shopping carts they can die. This is a sad lesson some parents learn when their baby gets hurt. Thankfully, these Home Depot customers lucked out and learned this lesson without their baby suffering more than a terrible scare.

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