Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali~ BOOK REVIEW

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The solitary facts of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's unusual life would make fascinating reading by themselves. This book is somehow much more than an ordinary autobiography.

In the first chapter of Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is age 5, sitting on a grass mat. Her grandmother is teaching her to recite the names of her ancestors, as all Somali children must learn to do. "Get it right," her grandmother warns. "They are your bloodline. . . . If you dishonor them you will be forsaken. You will be nothing. You will lead a wretched life and die alone." Can you imagine such fear, hearing these statements from your grandmother at the age of 5?

It is difficult to do this book justice without providing too many details. Let's just say Hirsi Ali's memoirs break your heart while inspiring you.

Infidel describes  Hirsi Ali's unique intellectual and physical journey, from the tribal customs of her Somali childhood, through the harsh fundamentalism of Saudi Arabia and on into the contemporary West.

This memoir will grab your imagination like no other, transport you into a world you have never known, and introduce you to the intimate world of a young Muslim woman. Her tale takes her all over Africa, Arabia, and Europe. The complex interaction of tribes, clans, cultures, extended families and nations is woven into a personal drama.This is one book who won't want to miss out on. Ayaan Hirsi Ali now lives in the U.S under armed guard.
I finished this book in a week, without even trying.I was captivated and kept "finding time" to read.
If you have read this memoir, or intend to please share your thoughts.

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