Natasha got married to Kunal, who was not a wife- beater or a brute but who treats her as a chattel and sets dos and don'ts for her. She has committed her life to the kitchen affairs, reading newspaper, doing normal marital errands, the upbringing of the kids and while away the day is loneliness. Her solitude in the early years of her marriage. His denial to let her take up a career even though he is away from home for months on end. Day by day she is getting tired of her drab existence and completely powerless to take it any longer. What's the reason that till date she is with her husband .Why rules are different from man and woman. Natasha thinks that in India, what's a woman born with? She gets a name which is followed by her father's and then her family's credit and after a high education they get married and like this they have to change their surnames too. Now her name is replaced by her husband's name and she is just known with her husband's existence and then she gets pregnant .She nurtures her child in her womb for nine months and that child gets his father's name .After all this and going through these stages where she is a mute and not even standing at the receiving end what does a woman die with? Nothing…!!!!


From last many years Natasha has witnessed many one night stands of her husband with other woman. She saw him showering his love; when he needs to satisfy his sexual desire and she didn't understand why she takes it stoically. She found her husband busy in his business and also felt his careless feelings for her. She felt like a door mat throughout her life. What is irritating her? Now she is bound to think that what should a woman do if her husband never cared or respected her desires? What are the options if she needs satisfaction for her physical desires and her husband turns her down? What she should do? She should keep waiting for him to turn sympathetic to her or beg her on knees to satisfy her needs. Women have the same equal desires as men have emotionally as well as physically.

Time was running and most of the colors of life were already faded and Natasha is quizzical to herself that for what she is born. Apart all these marital ebbs and flows, she knew that Kunal was a real ambitious person who only knows to seize success without any hurdle .He considered his family as his greatest hindrances of his life and went abroad promising that soon he will be back as a big business tycoon. Natasha as a simple middle class married woman who's alone responsible for her three kids nodded for living alone and fulfilling her duties.

She was distressed and after the kids leave home, she is all alone once again. She is stunned that what's bothering her? Sexual needs, those faithful shoulders or her existence as a woman. She always missed that required communication and understanding the sensitivity with Kunal.Amidst all these questions of why and How… beautiful evening she met a cold breeze .That breeze was someone very simple ,a sensitive and a caring person close to her dreams. At that time she was lost and was not even in the situation to think what's right and what's wrong. Natasha was getting involved to this new stranger Hardik in her life. She wishes to meet him again and again and due to circumstances one day Natasha had a sexual encounter with him .No regrets for those lovely moments. She was very happy and satisfied. She was pregnant and gave birth to a child. Love is transparent and she easily saw the real love in Hardik's eyes. He was standing in every single moment holding her hands snugly.

After many years Kunal was back and found a different person in his wife with his four young children. Now he wanted to calm down and to live a serene life but his absence has to tell so many veiled secrets. One night he reached to a very outrageous conclusion that his fourth son is not his. Without considering Natasha's dedication for him for so many years he goads Natasha hardheartedly for her infidelity ignoring his own libertine affairs. His manhood was hurt and he looks to balm it by psychologically demoralizing his already broken wife. He kept his own marital infidelities aside under the blanket and thought that he did not bring the result of his infidelities home. He decided to divorce her as her punishment.

Now Natasha's floodgates were open and all was out which was simmering inside her for so many years. Natasha knew that her efforts will be futile to explain what was going in her life. She walked away from the marriage .She waited for this new life, this new era, this new day after a dark and horrifying night. For Kunal one question was still unanswered, that what was there? Physical infidelity…? Kunal's male chauvinism or what..?There are many Kunals who will never understand that it was not a sexual infidelity but was all about the emotional abuse that is, in most cases, naively and coldheartedly perpetrated in most homes not only in India but in so many families…

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