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The world of easy-to-use website builder programs has a new player. A startup out of the Philippines called is competing against companies like to help clients build basic websites quickly. This new option likely makes a lot of business owners and crafters happy since they can now spend time working on their businesses instead of trying to build an online presence.

Templates and Options Abound

Like other companies, offers several template options to help users get started. All of the templates are fully customizable, so business owners can incorporate the look of the brand into the website. This is a great idea, as a lot of website builders offer very limited customization. also offers widgets and a Facebook-friendly version to help business owners to make the website come alive and pull readers in. Wix has only recently started to allow third-party developers to offer content on the website, so that makes the competition between Wix and a little stiffer. It is really nice to get to choose from companies that offer so many benefits.

Domain Name Registration on Interface

The services offered by also include domain name registration, which puts it in competition with GoDaddy. The GoDaddy website offers a super simple site building program that also offers email addresses. The email address availability seems to put GoDaddy in a class above the site builder. It certainly is convenient to be able to put up an email address that isn’t a personal address to make sorting through business emails a little easier.

Seed Funding Used to Start

The team consists of four full-time staffers. Luis Buenaventura, the owner of the company, started it in 2010 using seed funding from a Filipino investor. Winston Damarillo gave $500,000 to get this company going. It seems like this may have been a good investment since Damarillo’s company is a software development company.

Trying to Tap Into an Unestablished Market

Facing stiff competition, Buenaventura says that he is trying to lure in new users from developing countries like his home company. That is likely going to prove to be a great strategy, as trying to get established users to switch companies may prove to be a difficult task. Buenaventura isn’t stopping there. He is in the midst of talks with a bank that could lead to cross-selling to business owners when they open accounts at the bank.

The company has already lasted longer than many startups, but that may not be an indication of future success since the public launch happened about two years after the company was started. Only time will tell how the company and its offerings appeal to consumers.

Would you use a website builder from a fairly new company like to build your website?


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