‘Inhaling’ Claims Another Young Life

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What is it with everyone’s constant need to ingest mind-altering substances? In case you haven’t noticed, your brain is a pretty awesome place without adding a confusing stupor that has potential to kill you. Apparently, many teenagers (and some adults) have not yet come to this realization. Harder to detect than many other drugs, inhaling chemicals has become a fairly significant problem.


Aria Doherty was a straight-A student at Nobel Middle School in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. She was found deceased on Monday, still with the can of computer cleaner she was huffing still in her mouth, her nostrils taped shut, and a plastic bag nearby. Her family believes that this was the first time she had tried huffing. If that’s the case, it’s a shame she won’t have the chance to take back that decision.

What could’ve led this seemingly smart girl to think that inhaling was a good idea? It appears she came from a good home with loving parents, who kept no weapons in their home, keep their prescriptions locked away, and had recently rid themselves of all alcohol. Fact is, teens will be teens. The reason they aren’t just turned out to face the world alone at these young ages is because they are still in need of guidance. Good decision-making is not usually a trait associated with teenagers. Not that Aria’s parents should be blamed, they did the best they could. Really, this situation probably couldn’t have been prevented. She chose this. The side effects of huffing, including heart issues, as well as kidney, liver, and brain damage, are well known. But, of course, no one ever thinks something bad will happen to them. Hopefully, her peers learn something from her death and she is not just forgotten. One of them could be next. And, let’s face it, if she was doing it, there’s a good chance her friends were too.

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