Inmate Troy Davis Executed: Death Penalty Buzz on Twitter, Elsewhere

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GA Inmate Troy Davis was executed Wednesday, after the US Supreme Court denied a last-minute stay. Following the lethal injection, death penalty protesters on Twitter and elsewhere weighed in on this controversial capital punishment case.

The case has garnered so much attention, primarily because new information surfaced that revealed that seven of the nine witnesses recanted their testimony.

Reportedly, none of them could testify whether Troy Davis was the shooter in the killing of the off-duty police officer.

Since this is a capital punishment case, a wise and prudent person would think the new information presented is enough to cause a “reasonable doubt.” However, all judges have ruled against requests to stay the execution of the death row inmate, according to NPR. Free Troy Davis

Nevertheless, opponents against this capital punishment case (not necessarily the death penalty altogether) weighed in on inmate Troy Davis’ execution:

@Lady_Maverixx: “I ask everyone who is outraged by what happened today doesn’t forget about the injustice they have witnessed and take action.”

@_ChandlerRowlan: “Death is always around the corner, but often our society gives it inordinate help.”

@_StephaniaP: “Every human being, regardless of what they may have done in the past, deserves more love than what we have witnessed tonight.”

These are just some of the responses death penalty opponents of inmate Troy Davis’ execution shared on Twitter. Elsewhere, throngs of protesters gathered all around the world after alleged changes in witness testimony surfaced.

Gatherers outside of the Georgia Supreme Court and prison where Davis was held chanted, “Free Troy Davis” repeatedly, and “I am Troy Davis.”

As his sister said: “Troy Davis has impacted the world. They say, ‘I am Troy Davis,’ in languages he can’t speak,” said Martina Correia, who is battling breast cancer.

According to the timeline of the Troy Davis execution story:

After the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole denied a request of clemency from Davis’ attorney’s, the case was put before the State Supreme Court. However, according to CNN, it too was denied.

Then in a last-minute effort, the condemned man was given a rare opportunity for the US Supreme Court to issue a stay of execution.

Instead, the request was denied. It then cleared the way for Troy Davis’ execution by lethal injection. Finally, Troy Anthony Davis was executed—perhaps for a crime he did not commit. His time of death: 11:08 PM.

Weigh in. Was there enough reasonable doubt to rule out capital punishment in the case of inmate Troy Davis? Or has a technicality manufactured a rush to judgement when the system worked according to design?

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