Inner Peace…

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Inner peace – how elusive and yet so essential. Like trying to grasp air. I spent my entire life chasing it. Angry and hurt because I couldn't attain it. Mad at God because he wouldn't grant it, banging my fists against the altar until they bled. Defiant, haughty, and proud, I kept pushing further and further away, until I realized!

 I finally realized it takes cooperation. It takes humility. It takes looking within, and it takes forgiveness of self. You must relax the mind and the psyche, and gently breathe in God's love. Drawing inside all of ourselves that is scattered without, like a million fragments in this chaotic world.

 In solitude and quiet drawing all of our fragmented self into a ball of light deep within, to illuminate our sacred interior where God lives. It is a matter of relaxed concentration, where we begin to interrupt the cycle of seeking after false pleasures which are always followed by periods of pain and suffering. Stop the short circuit in our brains. Control the passions. Think with the heart.


Christopher Cole

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