International Solidarity Movement Protesters Attack Jewish Girl [Video]

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International Solidarity Movement (ISM) protesters attacked a Jewish girl, Hannah, writing “Long Live Israel” on the pavement at Oakland City Hall Plaza last week. The video shows the girl being attacked, pushed, shoved, and followed by the anti-Semitic thugs. If the ISM wants any credibility, they should immediately and loudly denounce this assault.


As the video clearly shows, the young woman was writing on the sidewalk when she was approached by another woman who grabbed her chalk and eventually started shoving her to make her stop. It is difficult to hear the words by the attacker, but one can clearly hear, “Get the f**k away,” repeatedly and “f**king right-wing piece of sh*t,” and “stupid whore,” while relentlessly pushing the girl away from the plaza.

Watch the video here:

Zennie Abraham posted the video on his site and documented the incident, which does not seem to have garnered mainstream media attention (no surprise). Abraham writes,

“The woman in amber was joined by three others, who then were following the Jewish woman to the intersection of 14th and Broadway, right next to City Hall Plaza. One guy with long hair, was saying “get the f-ck outta here.”

The sickening scene demonstrates the anger felt by the International Solidarity Movement toward Jewish people, despite their “mission” of “resisting the Israeli apartheid in Palestine by using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.” The alarming group has many critics, such as “Stop the ISM,” which believes that the ISM plans to “weaken and destroy the state of Israel.” It is difficult to perceive how the ISM is anything but anti-semitic. The fact that they have any credibility in the mainstream is ridiculous.

The video is followed by a personal interview of the girl who was attacked. She said that she did not know the group that attacked her personally, but called them “racist” and “anti-semitic.” She said that she is from Israel and does not understand why the thugs would want to attack her. She said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life.” Further, she says, “I felt very attacked; they were attacking my people and who I am.” Hopefully, the girl who was attacked will pursue charges against her attackers and be given some justice.

Photo Source: Zennie62Blog

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