Internet Addictive as Smoking; Just as Hard to Quit

The Internet is as addictive as smoking and worse still, it is just as hard to quit! Yikes! Most people may have already figured this out but it is still shocking when studies prove it. Apparently, for some people, trying to stop using the Internet is just as hard as trying to quit smoking and drinking. It turns out the Internet truly is a full-blown addiction for some.

U.K.’s consumer research firm Intersperience conducted a survey of over 1,000 people who were asked not to go online for 24 hours. The results and feedback from the participants was startling. Several people stated that “resisting the urge to go online was as hard as giving up cigarettes or alcohol.” In fact, the feeling of dependence was so strong that several people went through “withdrawal symptoms similar to a drug addict who cannot get a fix.”

Unfortunately, addictive or not, it can’t always be a good idea to live one’s life through the Internet. So, you may not have to quit the Internet all together the way a smoker has to completely quit smoking but you should probably take a few days off every now and then.

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