Internet Explorer 9 Launch Date March 14: Will It Bring a Better Web?

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Internet Explorer 9 will be available on March 14. What will this new version of IE offer users? So far, the latest version of the Microsoft web browser is expected to be faster and perform faster with hardware, and itÂ’s going to have standards support.

It has been nearly a year since the first IE9 platform preview arrived. There have been several betas and previews released from Microsoft since then. Internet Explorer 9 is expected to support HTML5 and have CSS3 improvements, which should help website developers.

The hope is that IE9 will help lead to a better web since such a huge percentage of people still use this Microsoft web browser. Also, there should be better privacy with the new launch as well.

Which browser do you use right now? Is it Internet Explorer or something like Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome? If you use something else, are you willing to give IE9 a chance? Also, if you are a current Internet Explorer user, will you update when the latest version is launched on March 14?

Internet Explorer 9 Launch Date March 14: Will it Bring a Better Web?

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