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In its third annual “State of the Nation’s River” report, the Potomac Conservancy focused on the Potomac tributaries that were first raised in 2003 when fish began dying in large numbers. 

After investigating those initial concerns they found that male bass around the Potomac watershed area were growing eggs. 

The report that chemicals in and around the watershed may be affecting the development of the bass.  The report identified chemicals pesticides from surround farms as well as people flushing or disposing of drugs into the water stream as a source.  No single chemical has been identified as the culprit but it is believed that the combination of them that is believed to be the likely cause.

Citing a concern to the community at large, the report doesn’t state the effect on the human population as this is a primary water source for the surrounding community, but suggests it as a possible health concern.

Are you concerned about this intersex species in the Potomac?

Could humans have development or hormonal problems associated with problem?

Are citizens failing to properly to dispose of drugs and putting us at risk!!!???

Should we stop the spread of pesticides!?

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