Interview: Rocky LaBarre on Censorship, Homeless Youth, and Pornography

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Rocky LaBarre is a New York City-based adult film star and model. Rocky might not fit the stereotype many have of the “porn star.” He’s been a licensed massage therapist for over a decade and happily partnered for many years. He also finds his pleasure in teaching others how to get the most fulfillment out of their own sexual lives as a sex coach. Here, Rocky LaBarre discusses his thoughts on censorship, pornography, what matters most to him, and, of course, his preference in underwear!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day for this interview. How are you doing today?

I’m great! I’ve been very busy! I just finished the first installment of my new column that I’m writing for Zeus Magazine! I love writing so this is very exciting for me! I just got the proofs for the photo shoot I did for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). I modeled T-Shirts and dog tags. And yesterday I got a last minute offer to share a hotel room with a porn star buddy during Folsom Street Fair, so I’m stoked.

You recently signed with Fabscout Entertainment. What made you decide to get into adult entertainment at this stage in your life, given your already successful career?

I always wanted to do porn. As a young gay man, the porn stars of yesterday were like the movie stars of today. I didn’t see many gay men on TV or in movies growing up. What I saw I didn’t like. But the porn stars were our “heroes.” Later I focused on a mainstream acting career…but my life took a turn. So I’m back to my “roots”!

I’m acting according to my instincts and my gut told me that this is the direction to go right now. I felt and feel that other doors will be opened that I wouldn’t see if I stayed on my old course… And look at me, I’m writing! I’m getting an increasing number of requests to write my follow up for Rocky LaBarre’s Sex 101 with Rocky LaBarre’s Sex 102. I may be starting a website as well.

Due to the Internet, porn has shifted to a strongly scene-based enterprise, much like the focus on musical albums has shifted to singles. Do you think the Internet has helped or hurt the adult film industry?

I don’t think the ‘net has hurt porn because it’s become more scene based. That’s just a format change. But the ‘net has absolutely hurt porn industry through piracy. Plus, the influx of amateur porn that anyone can make with a webcam. This adds up to a big problem for studios. How do you sell what some are stealing and others are giving away? That is the creative challenge the industry has to meet.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about porn stars?

That we’re stupid, which is ironic as we all know that stupid people live on a planet called “Reality TV.”

There’s been controversy about the decisions of libraries to block pornographic websites. Your thoughts?

I don’t have a problem with that. I’ve been on hotel computers that blocked sex sites, because they were accessible to children, but they didn’t block the WiFi from porn sites. Why not buy a refurbished laptop and hit a Starbucks? That’s just my opinion. If there’s an angle that I’m missing, I’m open to hearing about it.

There are people who claim that pornography cheapens sex or intimacy. As a sex coach, how do you respond to that mentality?

The quick answer is, “That’s bull****.”

But as a sex coach I would explain: Intimacy is about allowing communication. It’s about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It simply requires the desire for both people to want a connection. Pornography doesn’t prevent this. If a guy prefers a quick fix of porn over a human connection, then he already had intimacy issues.

On a slightly different topic: What’s an issue close to your heart which you hope to affect with your platform?

The Ali Forney Center in NYC needs support: New York City has something like 100,000 homeless LGBT youth divided among the five boroughs and only eight beds assigned specifically for them by the city. These kids are usually kicked out of their homes for not being straight. They gravitate to big cities where they often get into drugs, inappropriate relationships with older men, and prostitution. Although I believe prostitution should be legal I do not think that children/teens should be forced to choose it to survive.

The Ali Forney Center provides beds for them. Even though they’ve had their funding slashed, they manage this through an alliance with, wait for it, the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island. Call me old fashioned but I love it when churches act like churches. Kudos!

Lightning round. You ready?

Fire away!

Favorite TV show?

‘True Blood’, followed closely by ‘GLEE’, followed by ‘Awkward’… Followed by ‘Teenwolf.’ I watch too much TV.

Typical Lunch?

This week: Tuna fish with light mayo and wasabi paste on twelve-grain bread with a coffee or Diet Coke.

Shoe size?


Boxers, briefs, or jocks?

Boxer-briefs. Boxers look damn silly.



Alright, Rocky. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you in the future!

Thanks! Keep an eye out for me!

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