‘Invention Hunters’ Recap ‘A Juicy Idea’ on Food Network

Meet the “Invention Hunters” Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg who know everything about marketing new products. Here they share their expertise with inventors who have great ideas they want to share with the world and hopefully, get rich. Each week, Patrick and Steve will see check out three items and choose one to market and hopefully, make the inventors rich if a major distributor accepts the finished product and can make their dreams come true.File:Roast beef.jpg

The first item is “Mary’s Marinating Stick” which is a stainless steel tube that is inserted into the meat while it is cooking. Inside the tube, the chef or cook can put in their favorite spices and herbs that will make the meat, juicy and flavorful all the way through.

The “Shoot-a-Brew” is the second item—a cooler looking contraption that will shoot a can of beer out of the cooler to the thirsty drinker and it is already patented.

The last product is the “Absorbeas” that are absorbent pads that will soak up the excess cooking grease. They are FDA approved, similar to a paper towel. They are disposable and can be put right into whatever is cooking to remove the excess grease for healthier meals.

So the first item that they eliminated from the mix is “Asorbeas” due to sales have not been good and repeat business is something that proves a product’s worth.

Now to the testing of the last two products; they took “Mary’s Marinating Stick” to restaurants and tried different cuts of meats and the flavor was noticeably there throughout thick cuts of meat, but the thinner ones like steak and fish did not bode well.

The “Shoot-a-Brew” brought laughs and shouts of delight to many who tailgate loved the concept and would spend up to $250 for a similar contraption.

After the two items were tested, they chose “Mary’s Marinating Stick” and took it to Swerve to repackage the item for more eye-appeal. Now to pitch it to Lifetime Brands—with a concept that could change Mary’s life forever. The people in charge asked Mary, Patrick and Steve to leave the room so they could discuss her invention and when they returned the executives liked the idea, but have to tweak a few things before they put it on the shelves. Mary is ecstatic and so are the “Invention Hunters.”

Photo of roast beef: Wikimedia

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