‘Invention Hunters’ Recap ‘Creating a Buzz’ on Food Network

The Invention Hunters are Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg two guys who know everything about the marketing of new products. They share their ability and knowledge with inventors who have good ideas they want to share with the world. Every week, Patrick and Steve will scrutinize three items and choose one to send to market and hopefully, make the inventors rich…if a major distributor accepts their product.

This episode examines “Knife and Forklift,” “Sauce Melts” and a traveling espresso coffee maker. Which one will they pitch to the executives? The first invention is the “Knife and Forklift” which combines a one and a half pound dumbbell with silverware to slow down the eating process. This is a diet aid as well as a help for the inventor who suffered from acid reflux because he just ate too fast. But will it sell?

The next item is called the “Travesso,” a traveling espresso machine that the inventors have put over $130,000 into it, but it is complicated.

The next inventor has a product that has a gelatin base, but is a sauce that melts on a hamburger and both Patrick and Steve were delighted by the flavors.

One invention immediately gets the heave-ho and that happens to be the “Knife and Forklift” and the inventor is not sad, because he has lots of sales.

Now for the last two items; which will it be? They took the “Sauce Melts” to a local supermarket with not much excitement. They also took the espresso maker to a coffee shop and the coffee was rated number one over coffee made commercially. The price may be a factor, because it is not cheap.

They decided to go with the “Travesso” but they will have to do some tweaking and the two inventors were thrilled. Not to present the product to the deciders at “Lifetime Brands.” After the presentation, which produced a finished product that the executives enjoyed, the final decision was not to go with the product. The inventors will not give up and will continue to work on the product until they are satisfied, while the Invention Hunters will continue to search for the next new thing.

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