‘Invention Hunters’ Recap ‘Getting a Grip’ on Food Network

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The Invention Hunters are Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond, experts about the marketing of new products. They share their enthusiasm with inventors who have good ideas to share with the world. Each week, Patrick and Steve will scrutinize three items and choose only one to send to market and hopefully, make the inventors rich…if a major distributor accepts their product.

This episode examines “The Bubi,” “Purrfect Gripper,” and “Stick Pods.” Which one will they pitch to the executives, and which one will get the immediate boot?

In Boston they stop to visit Bob Mazur who invented a jar and bottle opener that will open all sizes of jars and bottles. It is shaped like a cat that is flexible and so far has sold 7,000 of these.

The next is the gripper that holds a lollipop and also has a tripod bottom that will allow the lollipop to stand up rather than lay it down.

The next is the “Bubi” which is a water bottle that flattens and rolls up for convenient storage when not in use.

The first one to be eliminated was the “Stick Pods” which did not meet their marketing qualifications.

Consumer testing gave the water bottle a rigorous testing to a group of yoga attendees who liked it because they were dying of thirst. The price point was not what they would expect, as $27 was a bit too much to spend and an issue with spilling and not having a flat bottom did not allow it to stand up when drinking.

The gripper was tested by senior citizens who usually have the hardest time opening bottles and jars. They liked the ease of opening the caps and lids but the item just did not appeal for the price.

“Invention Hunters” decided to take on “The Bubi” and hoped to get a licensing deal. But first they took it to a designer to tweak it before taking it to Lifetime Brands. Of the three executives at LB, two liked it and one did not. The two execs who liked it were convincing enough that they took on the product and should be marketing it soon.

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