‘Invention Hunters’ Recap ‘Keeping It Fresh’ on Food Network

The Invention Hunters are Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg who know everything about marketing new products. Here they share their ability with inventors with good ideas they want to share with the world. Each week, Patrick and Steve will see three items and choose one to market and hopefully, make the inventors rich if a major distributor accepts the finished product.

The first product they see is called “Sippin’ Snacker” an all-in-one cup that holds your drink and snacks for a one handed snacking.

The second product is the “Drinking Duck” a covers made of silicone for easier and germ-free drinking that come in a package of three and is already patented.

The third item is “Produce Freshies” which are packages of absorbent material that absorbs much of the ethylene gas that makes produce go bad. They have taken the concept that is used by shippers of produce for years, and made it for consumers.

The “Drinking Duck” was the first item rejected by the Invention Hunters who now had to concentrate on the last two items. It is sad that inventors spend so much money on their budding products, and meet rejection amidst their faith in the product.

They tested the “Sippin’ Snacker” and the “Produce Freshies” from consumers to laboratory tests which showed fruits and vegetables lasted five days longer than the untreated produce. Finally they took the “Sippin’ Snacker” out of the equation and dedicated their time to the “Produce Freshies.”

The mother and daughter team who came up with the idea were delighted. They took the packets to a design firm who decided to change the name and appearance of the product. The new name was now “it’s still fresh!” and next they will be pitching their product to “Lifetime Brands” for the true test. They were not happy with the packaging of the product, but the concept was perfect for their company and the mother-daughter team got the licensing deal with the help of the Invention Hunters.

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