‘Invention Hunters’ Recap ‘Pump It Up’ on Food Network

Invention Hunters are Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond who are experts regarding the marketing of new products. They share their enthusiasm with inventors who have good ideas to share with the world. Each week, Patrick and Steve will scrutinize three items and choose only one to send to market and hopefully, make the inventors rich…if a major distributor accepts their product.

This episode examines “Ice Huggy”, “The Wine Balloon” and “The Buffet Bowl.” Which one will they pitch to the executives? They mull it over and decide to eliminate the “Ice Huggy” from the equation breaking the inventor’s heart; she had invested about $25,000 and five years of her life in this product and does not intend to give up now.

They then consumer tested the two remaining products. The “Buffet Bowl” had a problem with the pricing and some customers already had similar products, which did not make it unique.

Patrick and Steve then decided to put their faith in the “Wine Balloon.” The inventor, Eric Corti explained to them that the balloon will keep wine perfect for up to four days after uncorking. They tested the wine against wine left in a bottle with just the cork replaced and it won, hands down. The balloon is made of food-grade latex and adds no taste to the wine when pumped up inside the bottle. They did find out from a patent investigator that in 1986 a similar item was patented, but it was not structurally the same and therefore; the item could be patented without a conflict.

Steve and Patrick then took the item to “Swerve,” a designing and branding company. They updated the packaging and renamed it “Air Cork.” Steve and Patrick along with the inventor, Eric took the product to “Lifetime Brands” to see if they liked it and would market it. After a session of poker-faced executives assessing the product; they liked it and decided to take it on thanks to the “Invention Hunters.”

Photo of wine bottle: Wikimedia

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