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I saw this at a screening last night all by myself! Since my friend had the brain surgery she hasn’t been able to go with me.

I liked this movie. This recounts Nelson Mandela’s first days in office and his unusal approach to reuniting his country thru a Rugby team.

At first his office staff has doubts and some of them even hate Rugby. But it works.

The movie starts off at his release from prision, then goes to his election. He goes to a game and realizes that all the black South Africans were rooting for England and all the white South Africans are rooting for the Springboks- the South African team. He calls up Francois Pienaar played by Matt Damon and tells him by winning the World Cup he can help reunite his country.

The Springboks also start Rugby Clinics and go to the impoverished sections and start teaching the kids how to play. By having doing this the country starts to reunite thru sports.

It is a long movie – 2 hours & about 15 minutes. Morgan Freeman’s portrayl is excellent, Matt Damon’s is equally good.

I would definetly give this movie between 3 and 4 stars. It was very good.

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